I had Avery before I had kids; she was my first “baby.” When Avery went blind at age six (no idea how/why), she had one furry sister and two human brothers. She did not let the loss of her sight get in the way of life. In time, she became the big sister to two more hours man brothers. Still she flourished. This blind dachshund would jump up on the couch to nap, and then take a leap of faith to back get down—we always had to keep the kids’ toys away from the couch so she could jump down safely. I am proud to say she never landed on a toy (though she did land on a brother here and there).

blind dogAvery lived most of her life blind. Eventually her hearing went. Later she seemed to develop Canine Cognitive Disorder. We loved her each and every day of her life, and we took exceptional care of her. In a busy, messy house with four kids (and other furry siblings!), she never injured herself. She died yesterday; she was nearly 15.5 years old. The vet said she had glaucoma. She was in pain, would not open her already blind eyes. We put her down and my heart is broken.

Blind dogShe lived a VERY full life as a blind dog for many years. We closed basement doors so she would not fall. She still went on walks. She found the sunny spot for naps even without her sight. Her life was full despite most of it having been lived “in the dark.” She taught us that sight is helpful but not necessary.

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  1. It’s devastating to lose a friend who you and your family loved and cared for very well for years. Know that others feel for you.

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