Aponi’s struggle

AponiAponi is four weeks old and she was born with one of her eyes glazed over at first I thought it was just something simple so we took her to the vet the vet then told us that she was born blind in that eye and said she would never see out of that eye.

AponiSo when we got home we started noticing she’s having trouble doing regular things a puppy should so we’ve been working with her a lot to show her how to cope with her disability. Like I said, she is still a baby and her depth perception is very bad.

I love this little girl. We named her Aponi which a Native American means butterfly due to she was born with a butterfly white spot on her hip….. Is a beautiful little baby and I love her so much.



2 thoughts on “Aponi’s struggle

  1. Aponi is lucky to have an engaged and concerned owner like you! When I adopted my Cocker, she could only see out of one eye, but she used to trot along curbs like she was an artist on a high-wire! Curbs are barely the width of her two paws, so I have no idea how she did it with no depth perception, but such confidence and never a misstep, either. Now that she’s fully blind, that’s the thing I miss her doing the most, strange thought it sounds.

    Have fun with Aponi – she looks totally adorable and I’m sure she’ll blossom under your care.

    1. Thank you we love her so much she is so tiny compared to her litter mates… She is a fighter and is doing so well Thank you again

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