Angel Pie

Three weeks ago my Angel Pie had 2 beautiful brown eyes, then we woke up one morning to see her left eye swollen shut. Off to the vet we raced and they gave us drops and did some tests.
We were then told she had to go and see an eye specialist who told us that the eye had to be removed.

Back to the regular vet to book the appointment, like others I wanted her regular vet to perform the surgery as the vet has know us for over 12 years taking care of our other pets.

Angel Pie is only 7 years old….my sweet baby dog.

We have been told that she will most likely loose sight in the other eye as well.

I am being strong for my human children that don’t want to see their dog with only one eye, but inside I am crying for the pain that the dog is in and the operation that she will require. I know the removal is necessary for her to be pain free…but I still feel so bad for her.

She is a sweet loving calm jack russell that hardly ever barks and is very mellow.

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