An Update on Samantha – the one eyed wonder!


Samantha’s surgery was July 2nd. It has been 7 weeks and 3 days since then and she is doing GREAT! On the 26th of July, she celebrated her 11th birthday (or at least according to the adoption paperwork…) She seems so much happier than I have seen her in a while and I know for sure that I made the right decision for my girl. We will be going to the specialist next month for the consult to have the cataract removed from her remaining eye.

There is a standard poodle at work who is going through almost exactly what Sam had to. Due to Sam’s experience, I feel as though I am much more prepared to aid him in his decisions and overall through this hard time. I would not wish this experience on anyone but I am glad that I can help. I will be directing him to this site next time I see him.

I wanted to give an update for those also who are maybe about to go through this or have and are having a hard time. This experience can be trying emotionally, but your pet will feel better and thank you for it!

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