Abby doesn’t know life without pain

AbbyAbby is a 3 lb 8 oz Chihuahua, 18 months old. Abby was pretty sick when we picked her up with an intestinal infection, but we didn’t know that. She was in Intensive care within 24 hours of bringing her home.

For 6 weeks we feed her by syringe every two hours her food, water and Karol syrup. In one of her pass out spells she fell off the couch and broke her front left leg and had to have a splint. We noticed she seemed to have a small right eye and she rubbed it a lot but with everything going on we just put drops and gels in for her comfort.

When Abby was about 1 year we took her to a Veterinarian of Ophthalmology. They found she didn’t produce any tears in her right eye. They started a treatment program with three different drugs, two used 4 times a day and 1 three. It was a massive treatment program to try and activate the tear glands to produce tears.

After three months it was stopped because it didn’t work. We kept her on Optixcare get and artificial tears all day several times a day. We were told the eye needed to come out or Abby would spend her life in pain. That was a tough decision to make but she was so young and we didn’t want her to suffer anymore.

This is a picture of Abby at 13 weeks old, you can see the discomfort them so I new we need to do this for her. Today Nov 18th 2014 she is having the eye removed and here we sit waiting for a call from the doctor saying she can come home. Thank you for the information about how well your animals did after the surgery, it gave me hope and calmed me down a little. I’m sorry all our animals had to go through this but if they can feel better, that’s all that matters.

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  1. Thank you Paula, Abby is doing so well. She is eating well, playing and even turns circles jumping in the air. The first few times she jumped up and in a circle to her right she hit things, but she was on our bed a day ago and was jumping to her right “blind side” and did it over and over again with no mishaps. She seems so happy and doesn’t seem to miss her eye, how would she tell us any way. The wonderful part is she is not in pain any more thank God. She has her stitches out in 5 days. Thank you for this web site. It helped us a lot to know what to expect when we say her after the surgery. It took our breath away that she had to go through so much. We call her our one eyed beauty. We will put a beautiful new picture after her stitches come out. Thank you again for all the support through this with Abby.

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