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AbbeyHad to leave the room to go cry last night..It looks a though she has already lost most, if not all of her sight in her left eye. Did a test rushing my palm towards her on that side, no reaction until I was an inch away, no blink, nothing. The other eye reacts within 3-4 inches, she will blink and turn her head. Surely, I didn’t expect this to progress so soon.

Abbey seems fine. She rubs face on the rug a lot, more than ever throughout the day.

I have noticed her just stopping in the middle of the living room rug and just sit down and not want to move, even when I tell her to come to me, she doesn’t seem to want to. My heart is broken. I know I have to pull it together so she can’t feel the way I do, it is just so hard at times 🙁

Last night around 11pm she was trying to use her stairs to get off the bed and fell off the stairs, she hit the floor pretty hard, but didn’t cry or anything. It woke me up when she hit the ground so I just got up and brought her back onto the bed and she slept the rest of the night.

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  1. Aaaaawe shame, the poor baby. Roxy’s behavior was exactly the same. I am really hoping for a happy pup again once she starts recovering her her opp that she went for today – removal of her left eye.

  2. It is so sad to watch them go through this. She sounds exactly like PJ too.
    They get listless and don’t want to move. The glaucoma causes headaches that are like migraines for humans. Bad migraines. At least thats how the opthalmalogist explained it to me.
    I really hope that she finds some relief with the meds &/or drops.
    The only relief we had was once her eye was gone. She was back to herself the next day.
    I can’t say that enough which is why you’ve probably noticed I repeat that a lot.
    Having 1 eye hasn’t slowed PJ down and now its like she’s always winking at me. When both eyes are gone, I don’t think that will slow her down much either. There is no pain. And no pain is what we want.
    A painful/blind eye is much much worse then no eye.

  3. It breaks my heart that our babies have to go though this. Yes that is the same our vet said…
    migraines. Kodie has energy spurts but then lays back down. But we try to keep him calm.
    When he plays his inflammation is worse. It will be nice to play with him again after his surgery.
    He loves to play catch but I have put his balls away so he doesn’t play.

  4. is it possible that Abbey’s sight comes and goes? She bumped into a few things this past weekend, then followed a bird with her eyes walk across the lawn same day…we adopted a male kitty a couple days ago and he walked right in front of Abbey this morning and she didn’t see him, then a couple hours later she saw him come in the room and followed him with her eyes/head. The last few days, it seemed obvious she was sightless, when she looked our way, you could easily tell there was nothing behind her eyes, in fact, she kind of looking past me…I am so confused now as to whether she sees or not.

  5. Poor Abbey is in so much pain, the Tramadol doesn’t seem to be helping much at all. Her 1st surgery is this upcoming Friday. I hope this reduces her pain a lot. She has glaucoma in both eyes so I don’t know how much relief she will get removing just the one eye…feel so sad for her.

  6. Good Luck!!! I will thinking about you and Abbey. Let us know how she is doing as soon as you can. Kodie got his staples out today. They had to sedate him to take them out. He is back home. He is out of it. He is looking a lot better.

  7. Abbey’s surgery has been postponed, after giving her a sedative, he decided to check her pupil reaction and they both react to light, so she does have some vision and he didn’t feel surgery is necessary just yet, so all that worry for nothing. We will keep giving her the meds and have her pressures checked in 2 weeks. I am so relieved, I have lost a lot of sleep over this and now I can relax for a while 🙂 The appt. still cost us $100 with med refills and shots..

  8. Our dog has been diagnosed with Glaucoma and they are discussing removing the eye to give him comfort. After reading posts here I will go for the surgery if it means he will feel better. My poor old Boy we love him so much !

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