9 week old pup lost her eye

My 9-week-old shepherd terrier mix puppy lost her eye today in a disturbing accident. I have been carefully working to socialize my pup and introduce her to my seemingly friendly 13 year old cat. I read articles online and followed all of the advice in introducing the two, and the transition seemed to be going steady. The cat and puppy could peacefully sit next to each other, though at times my cat seemed a bit upset and would hiss or leave.

In a regrettable lapse of judgement on my part, I left my pup out of reach, but still in view, while doing something in the kitchen. I see my cat spring over to her and slash her over the face, and I lunge in and pick up my puppy only to see that the damage had been done. My cat punctured my puppy’s left eye, and she had to undergo immediate enucleation (and because this happened on Saturday of memorial day weekend, the surgery cost a whopping 4,000 dollars).

Now, I am left with feelings of regret and disturbance, as this angel puppy trusted me to protect her, and I let her down. I am planning to move out of my mothers house (the cat lives with my mom) and into my own place, but I worry that I can never forgive myself and am making the wrong decision. I love my puppy more than anything, but I am stuck with the feeling that I might not be the right owner and home for her. What should I do?

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  1. I think you are the perfect owner for her. The fact that you feel guilty shows that.

    In reality, you can’t be expected to be around that pup 24/7. Things will happen – that’s why they call them accidents.

    Your pup will be fine and she will cope beautifully. It’s always the most difficult at the start but once the eye heals things will get better. Feeling guilty about it, is kind of a waste of energy. You are better putting that energy into providing positive thoughts about your pup. It will all be okay.

  2. She has one eye and will do fine. You can’t stop everything that comes your way. Just love your puppy and it will be fine. My dog is completely blind from Glaucoma she still does well different but good. I’m so glad I didn’t lose her. At 9 weeks you still are developing a bond. Just love your pup. Good luck

  3. My Border Collie pup lost an eye due to another dog puncturing it. The two were playing under supervision and the pup got under the adult and bit his penis. I was not fast enough to stop the older dog reacting and he accidentally punctured the pups eye with his canine tooth. Once the initial vet treatment was over, the pup lead a full and healthy life competing at Obedience competitions.
    Don’t beat yourself up. Accidents happen. That’s life. You are a good owner, you didn’t just throw the pup and cat together without thinking what might happen, you instigated a regime of introduction. Unfortunately that went wrong but that doesn’t mean it was your fault or that you should rehome your pup. I could give you a very long list of accidents that I know about with several species of animal. Some everyday like dogs putting their legs down holes and breaking legs. Some much more bizarre. But they were all accidents, no one to blame. Just life. All you can do, and all you SHOULD do, is love your dog everyday. I’m fairly sure he loves you and that he will get on with his life without worrying about his lost eye. My dog has just had a toe amputated due to falling at the park. I look at her and think how sad it is, how upset I am that it happened. You know what she does????? She runs in the park, plays with her friends and goes to see the park keeper for a biscuit. That’s what your dog will do and its also what you should do. (Not literally ……. the park keeper would be very concerned if I started eating his dog biscuits!!!!).

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