6 yr old Maltese going blind

My 6 yr old female Maltese has been diagnosed blind. I can remember over the past year some signs that I did not recognize. She began to balk at going on outside when it was getting dark. She would misstep and trip off a curb but I didn’t think much about it.

We got a new puppy in May and my energy and training of the puppy was my focus. In July I took the Maltese in for dental cleaning. The vet acted kind of funny when I picked her up but didn’t say anything except that her blood work was good and that she has the heart of an athlete. She plays really wild with the puppy (also a Maltese) and seems to still be the dominant one. Lately, I noticed her bumping into things. She gets confused about where she is in places she has gone all her life.

I took her to another vet and he said she is blind but can still live a long, happy, quality life. Her eyes are always dilated. But today, she knew exactly where the car was parked on the street without any prompting from me. It was at dawn and I think she can see at dawn and dusk. One other interesting thing is that when she eats the other dog’s poop, I have always noticed a weird look in her eyes. Even when the other dog eats poop he has a weird look in his eyes for a day or so. I just wonder if it is the toxins in the food that are concentrated when they eat poop. I will change foods and see if her eyesight improves.

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  1. How long did it take you to adjust or feel ok about the blindness.
    My rat terrier just went blind. And I’m constantly crying. Lily the dog seems really sad at night. Whimpering and looking back and forth. Hard to watch. We have been awake the last couple nights. She can’t sleep very much. She seems cool during the day

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