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Shelby is an 11 year old otherwise perfectly healthy Boston-Frenchie mix with glaucoma. She lost vision in her R eye in July and the vet recommended it be removed and then despite the 4x a day drops lost vision in the other eye and that was also removed last month. The vets seemed to think she’d be fine and her other senses would take over but she just seems terrified all the time. I’m not sure how great her hearing was even before she lost her vision.

We use a harness and a clicker and try to be consistent and not move any furniture or any of her things. She walks in tight little circles all day long panting and seems distressed. She regularly walks into walls and doors. At night she pants for a long time and we pet her and she maintains body contact but she is up at 3am every day. She doesn’t seem to be sleeping during the day either like she used to.

We put her harness on her and take her to the same spot to do her business 6-8x a day but she rarely goes and then have accidents in the house which makes her more distressed because she knows she is not supposed to. I’m getting a thunder shirt today, but we are at a loss. We don’t want to put her down but at times it seems the only humane thing to do. It’s been about 6 weeks since she went totally blind, is there any hope for this getting better. Thank you.

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  1. Paula - ADMIN Post author

    This almost sounds like SARDs. Sudden blindness, panting and anxiety are symptoms. Other symptoms include increased appetite, thirst and weight gain. Has your vet mentioned this at all?

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