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My Max

My boxer Max had injured his cornea a few months ago. With an e-collar and aggressive with antibiotics, about 3 weeks later, it looked really good and vet said he was very impressed. We didn’t go to the opthalmologist because of the cost. Well, about a week ago, I noticed Max’s eye was discharging a […]

Rosie continued

We’re back to let you know how our experience is going. Rosie had her surgery on February 1st at our local vet – they are fabulous! I was torn between crying and throwing up when I dropped her off but in the end I did neither. My husband and I picked her up that afternoon […]

My boy

Alonzo is a 13 yr old Schnoodle. Alonzo loves being outside. We have an invisible fence system. Unfortunately Alonzo has run out into woods many times chasing after creatures he sees in the woods on our property. He has injured his one eye repeatedly over last couple of years. I have been able to manage […]

Kodie’s Recovery

Kodie was diagnosed with Glaucoma in July 2012. He was fine before we went to dinner one night. Came home two hours later and he couldn’t hardly open his eye. We were shocked and devastated when we received the diagnosis. He was put on 3 types of eye drops and 1 pill. The medicine kept […]