Sally Mae Changed Our Lives Dramatically

blind dogWe brought Sally Mae (Pomeranian) home, while on vacation I noticed that she would no longer climb the short steps, she kept bumping into them.

I took her to the NC State U Vet Hosp where after several tests she was diagnosed with SARDS.

One vet advised that she couldn’t live a full life and advised that I put her down. Out Of The Question!!

So I brought her home and I began to make our home more suitable for her.

Every other week I ran eucalyptus oil on the baseboards so she would get familiar with where the walls were so she wouldn’t run into them any more. She sleeps in my bed so I purchased safety bed rails(ebay) for the foot of the bed and one side.

Blind DogShe has adapted very well. I noticed her drinking and peeing a lot and told our vet that I thought she may be diabetic. That was confirmed so I began researching pet foods and started her on canned food from Tractor Supply (4Health brand) Sally likes the Thanksgiving Dinner one. I also told the vet that even though her diet had changed she was gaining weight and asked if he would check her thyroid.

Sally now gets a quarter cup of food twice a day along with insulin and her Thyroid tabs and Quellin an anti inflammatory. She also has a knee joint that pops out of place and when she is popping it back in she looks like she is doing her ballet lessons so I had to start her on Quellin for joint inflammation.

I decided to get another Pom as blind dogs do better with a companion when their human companions are not at home. I have to be home promptly at 5:30 so as to administer all of her meds at the same time every day. Her companion is Foxy and Foxy has a unique bond with my husband.

If you have health issues with your pet, may I suggest applying for Care Credit as you can use it at most vets for services and meds and you can setup payment plans interest/finance free.

blind dogSally can now find me in my office and as a matter of fact she is standing behind my chair right now whining for me to pick her up. Her whine is more of a whisper, due to surgery. It takes a lot of effort for her to bark but when she does, you know to pay attention. Watch for signals from your blind pet trying to tell you what they need. Sally has several tells and I have come to understand everyone of them. Hope this helps.

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