Removal of his eye

I have been very fortunate to have found this blog, to read everyones stories has truly been a bandaid to my heart. Thank you to everyone who has posted pics, stories, and experiences from everyones journey as i hope my story can console anyone who is confused or curious how it is to have a blind dog.

The morning of Sonics surgery i was very comfortable and secure on my decision to have his eye removed.I prepared myself by reading this blog, searching online, and looking at pictures. Again sonic is a 12yr old husky who was diagnosed with glaucoma. Enucleation of his left eye was his only option at this point. I dropped him off at 730am and picked him up at 1. the surgery itself went quickly and good. I was worried the whole time waiting for the phone to ring anxiously. Keeping myself busy making sure our home was comfy, and ready for his post op return. When i picked him up, he had a cone on and was bruised. he had some slight dry blood. he walked pretty normal until he was put in my car. The whole drive back which was only about 15 min, he cried and cried.

I was not prepared for that one. The Dr. reassured me huskies tend to be very vocal on their pain, but in no way was i prepared for him crying so loudly and non stop. I felt hopeless. The anathesia was coming off and it felt like it was getting worse. Poor guy. Throughout the night his cries became softer but they did not stop. he slept next to me and I messaged him the whole night it seemed. Finally we both felt asleep.

The next day came along, and what a 360! His tail was raised, he was almost back to himself. He has 4 days in from his removal and each day is def getting better than the next.

2 thoughts on “Removal of his eye

  1. Lena

    Awwww what a good boy. My labrador was diagnosed with diabetes over a year ago and I’m starting to notice cloudiness in both her eyes. She’s hesitant to go outside at night now, too. I’m not necessarily fearful that she will lose her sight, because she is a very smart and resilient girl. I’m more worried about glaucoma and pressure building in the eyes. Did Sonic exhibit any behavior that led you to believe the pressure bothered him?

    1. Cindy

      I realize your question was for Sonic’s Mom but I can answer this if you didn’t get one. My Minature Schnauzer started also getting to where she didn’t want to go down the steps to her run at night. She lost part of her sight and was running into things. But the pressure made her just want to curl up in a ball and not really move much. We took her to see the opthomologist and she was diagnosed with cataracts and glaucoma. They put her on drops at first to see if the pressure would regulate. Within a week she was blind in both eyes. She is 13 but otherwise in good health but the doctor didn’t want to put her through the surgery of removing her eyes. Fortunately her little body decided to help us and her eyes started shrinking which meant the pressure was going down. Now she doesn’t have any pressure at all. Her eyes have sunken in and the only thing that we have to do is put an ointment in her eyes twice a day because she developed dry eye. So I guess is your lab seems more lethargic than usual and just wants to sleep a lot, I would take her/him in to be checked.

      Good luck. It’s hard but it does get easier.


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