Our Baby Preston

PrestonHi, we have two beautiful boys, both 13-year-old male Lhaso Apsos. They are uncle and nephew and only four months apart, Preston and Sherman. They are the loves of our life and our children. We have been very lucky as both of them very healthy active and treated like kings with all natural homemade food as well as holistic treatments and therapies when needed

On March 17, 2020, at the start of the pandemic, we noticed Preston who already has a bit of anxiety, have his anxiety increase which we thought was due to the change in the environment of us both being home. Preston is are Energetic spunky monkey, and Sherman, his nickname is Buddha, A calm old soul. Both are sweet kind and fabulous.

As the time progressed I noticed an increase in Preston’s thirst and appetite and hesitancy as well as some whining at night. We immediately took him to the vet, and he had a bit of gastritis, however I still noticed he couldn’t see and immediately went to the ophthalmologist into our devastation he was diagnosed with SARDS.

I agree with everyone that it’s harder on us than it is on them, as there are many times that I am hysterical crying and my husband takes over.

He has adapted well though I can tell he misses his ability to run and jump without worry, we have made every accommodation as we always would for him as well as we are starting with the trainer tomorrow to help Sherman adjust better is too.

I’m so glad to be here, it is refreshing to see how many wonderful owners and their babies figure out this path a new normal together. I welcome any input, ideas and support from all of you 🙂 Thank you for your encouraging stories, resources, tips and ideas.

With gratitude, Alicia

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  1. I just had my cocker/cav mix Digger diagnosed with the PRA. He is the one I spend the most time with. I am feeling devastated by my inability to find him help. That being said he is doing incredibly well adapting. He now totally lives through his sense of smell. I just have to watch out for him so he doesn’t hurt himself. Dig used to love to chase birds. Now, he works at finding where they have nests etc. Something he can do with his nose. My point is this seems to be much harder on us than them. I can tell your little guys are not lacking for love. Best of luck!

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