My Timothy My heart

I was told yesterday that Timothy is blind because of diabetes. I am so devastated and sad and scared. He is staying very close to me now.. I have read do not pamper them, but well else can I do.

He is lying between my feet right now. He knows how to get around the house extremely well. But I still worry. This is killing me.

Vet says he will adapt but I still worry. How do I not worry.

4 thoughts on “My Timothy My heart

  1. Paula - ADMIN

    Your vet is 100% spot on. Timothy will adapt and faster than you can imagine.

    BUT, it will take longer if you pamper him. He has to find his way which means letting him move around your home on his own. Don’t carry him around to different areas. He will have no idea where you have carried him and will be even more disorientated.

    Imagine if you were blind and someone kept carrying you around and placing you down somewhere else without telling you where you were.

    If you want him to go somewhere then let him follow you. Use your voice and pat the back of your leg so he can hear you.

    My blind dog could navigate my home no problem. She was able to go in and out of the dog door and roam the garden on her own. She was able to go on walks with me and in fact, she would drag me down the road in front of me despite being 100% blind.

    Your dog will cope and he will be amazing. Just give it time and be confident around him. Dogs pick up on your energy so you need to display confidence.

    Everyone goes through the same process as you when they sign up to this site. They are utterly devastated but then they come back a month or so later and they can’t imagine why they were so upset.

    It will get better, trust me, but you have to let Timothy find his way.

  2. Jan

    I just adopted a rescue cocker spaniel, who had untreated diabetes and is 100 percent blind. She of course is now getting the insulin she needs, but has been plopped into an environment she has had no previous experience with. I’m amazed how much she has already learned. I use my voice constantly and make louder stomping sounds when I walk… she can maneuver down the three steps to go outside(“step!”)and can follow me to the barn or out to the mailbox. I also tell her “whoa” if she is about to walk into something and she stops in her tracks. I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with the halos…it’s tougher for her in the kitchen area where I generally confine her due to a crabby shihtzu on the other side of the gate who doesn’t tolerate other dogs walking into him. She is also pretty needy for attention ( I have six other rescues) and would like any suggestions for toys etc. that might keep her happily occupied for a bit.

    1. Paula - ADMIN

      You might find that as time progresses that she becomes more at ease and is less needy, although my cocker spaniel was always a loving little thing and always wanted to be around me.

      I was going to get a halo when my dog first went blind but found that she didn’t really need it. That’s not to say that she didn’t bump into things every now and then but I just figured I didn’t want her to become dependent on something like that.

      As for toys, anything that can make a sound is good but really blind dogs are like other dogs and they will play with anything regardless of whether it makes a sound or not.

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