My gorgeus blind friend

Hi, my name is Agnes and I adopted charming dog named Janus.He is blind. I only know that in the past he had a normal vision. When he lost his vision in both eyes his owner banned or abandoned him.Why did somebody do it ?

Blind dogs are like a special friends, they love you as strong as they can and you know that they need special time with you all day. Don’t be scared of a blind dog. It is the most grateful being in the world.


One thought on “My gorgeus blind friend

  1. KalisMom

    Hi Agnes,

    My darling girl was just diagnosed with diabetes and yesterday, she appeared to have gone blind overnight.
    I am thankful to have found this website.

    I am so happy your Janus has you as his person! You are both lucky! Best wishes for you and Janus as you move forward. : )

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