Murphy’s Story with SARDS

I wanted to share a little bit about our dog Murphy. He is a beautiful 6 year old French Brittany Spaniel who lost his eyesight 2 weeks ago. He was diagnosed with SARDS. We have had Murphy since he was a puppy. He is very intelligent. He is our baby. Before his diagnosis Murphy loved to play games, chase squirrels and chipmunks, fetch, run around the yard, steal socks, have zoomies, and play with his toys. It has been heartbreaking watching our once energetic, full of life dog lose his spirit.

Over the course of a few days we noticed Murphy starting to bump into things, unable to track his treats, have no desire to play, and was hesitant to go up and down the stairs. We knew things were bad when he fell into our pool (he is not a lover of water). The diagnosis was confirmed by a veterinarian ophthalmologist a week after his symptoms started. We were devastated.

Since his diagnosis, Murphy has become a shell of himself. He no longer wants to play, moves with trepidation, and lays around. We take him on daily walks around our neighborhood and yard hoping he will start to feel comfortable with a routine. We implemented some scent training in the house as well as started teaching new commands. We are still in the early stages of his blindness but are hopeful he will adapt quickly.
Thank you for reading Murphy’s Story.

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