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    It has only been about a week and a half since we realized that Katie was completely blind. I felt that the cataracts matured rather fast. At times she seems like she is adjusting ok but today when I returned home after a dentist appointment she seemed frantic. About how long does it take a dog to adjust to being blind. Has anyone tried leaving…[Read more]

  • Katie is blind due to cataracts in both eyes. My vet says the surgery to remove the cataracts is very expensive and isn’t usually
    successful. A lot of times the dog will develop glaucoma after the surgery and end up having the eye removed. He strongly advises
    against the surgery.

  • Ruth Ann Shultz posted an update 12 months ago

    Katie developed a cataract in her left eye around the first of this year. By the summer she started bumping into things. I thought she had developed dementia. About one month ago the vet confirmed that she also had a cataract in her right eye
    and both were well advanced. Now she is totally blind and seems very confused and anxious. She is 15…[Read more]

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