• Paula – ADMIN posted an update 2 years, 9 months ago

    NEWS!!: A device has just been released for blind dogs to help them better navigate. Here’s a bit of info I took from the site:

    “The BlindSight® unit is a specialized “Sonar” type transmitter that produces a sound that may be used by a dog to navigate in much the same way as a dolphin or bat. The sound produced by the BlindSight® unit is well outside of the human hearing range. There is no annoying audible “click” or “ping”. In tests the units remained on 24 hours a day with no apparent problems with a dog’s sleep or relaxation. BlindSight® uses inexpensive, commonly available disposable batteries for a normal battery life of up to 1.5 years (up to 3.5 years with premium lithium batteries, in indoor mode). The latest BlindSight® uses a completely sealed transducer, is designed for a 10+ year service life and is “patent pending”. Spares for parts that might easily be lost are included. Obviously no concessions were made to “looks”, but simple functionality and extreme ruggedness define the basic design.” Jordy Canid Inc. – BlindSight®