• We adopted Daisy 3 yrs ago. We suspect she had been kept as a breeding dog definitely not a pet. She¬†was dirty, lot of medical issues. umbilical hernia,tumours etc., She suffers from full blown separation […]

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    • Will anyone comment on my concerns

      • Hi, you and I are apparently in the same boat. My girl was misdiagnosed by everyone, includding myself, and treated for a general infection. When I realized she was falling apart instead of improving we all thought it was due an emergency spay. She was in the table and fully explored before the blood panel came back with diabetes. The really messed up part is I figured out she couldnt see on the way to the vet. She had vision sunday night, gone the next morning. Shes a trooper(a little too stoic for her own good actually, I had no indication till the weight loss began) and is actually doing better finding her own way at things. I just let her have her way and keep at least an ear on, if not eurs. Im trying to observe her methods and introduce myself into them as required. She never did like the dog whistle and if I lose her in the dark I just let it rip and she immediately sounds off telling me to shut up, shes coming. Still got heart, bless her…

  • What wonderful caring people you both are and what a wonderful prize you found in Dolly.

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    Hi there,

    My Daisy was diagnosed a month ago so I understand that lost feeling. She was started on antioxidants – I have not noticed any difference but it has not been long and I feel that any help i can give her I will do. My Vet also suggested I try CB Oil and I am looking into that. It seems a lot of people had had good results with that.…[Read more]

    • Hi Enid, thank you so much for replying to my post. I’m a bit wary of CB oil, lots of mixed reviews online, but if your vet recommends it, then maybe it is worth a try.

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