• Debbie Crommen posted an update 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    My husband and I just adopted a little completely blind dog. I think she has been blind for a while now. After we adopted her she had to have both eyes removed do to glaucoma. before we where allowed to bring her home. it did not take long to figure out that she has fear aggressive signs. even if you walk up to her she growls and shows he teeth, If you pick her up to go out side for her to do her business, its like JAWS come to life! We love her dearly and want to help her, but we dont know even where to start. Giving her up or putting her to sleep IS NOT AN OPTION!!!! She is a little brown lown haired Chichuchu, and shy may weigh 4 or 5 LBS soaking we. I have had blind dogs inthe past, but this one is differant. If you can her me, I think I would forever e in you debt. Thank You.