• Del posted an update 1 year, 4 months ago

    If anyone see this post, and have had to have their babies eye or eyes removed, do you feel your fur baby felt better in the long run without being in pain from the glaucoma. Did their disposition change or depression set in?

    • Kodie definitely felt better after he was healed. I did take a weeks vacation after his surgery to stay home with him. We mostly cuddled on the couch during his healing. I think Kodie was a little depressed, but remember they sense your feelings. We did walk him around the house on his leash for the first week or two. We stayed as happy and upbeat as we could. I talk to Kodie a lot and my voice was always an upbeat tone. I believe that got him out of his depression. We weren’t depressed so he wasn’t either. When we are at work we play the radio for him. I think that has helped him tremendously.