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    Paula - ADMIN NEWS!!: A device has just been released for blind dogs to help them better navigate. Here's a bit of info I took from the site: "The BlindSight® unit is a specialized "Sonar" type transmitter that produces a sound that may be used by a dog to navigate in much the same way as a dolphin or bat. The sound produced by the BlindSight® unit is well outside of the human hearing range. There is no annoying audible "click" or "ping". In tests the units remained on 24 hours a day with no apparent problems with a dog's sleep or relaxation. BlindSight® uses inexpensive, commonly available disposable batteries for a normal battery life of up to 1.5 years (up to 3.5 years with premium lithium batteries, in indoor mode). The latest BlindSight® uses a completely sealed transducer, is designed for a 10+ year service life and is "patent pending". Spares for parts that might easily be lost are included. Obviously no concessions were made to "looks", but simple functionality and extreme ruggedness define the basic design."
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    Jenn Today was by far the hardest day of my life. I had to say goodbye to my baby girl Elly. She fought until the end and kept fighting. She has taught me more about strength than any human I know. I will forever love her and always miss her.
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    valerie Hey, it's been almost three years since I last posted or checked in. Cassie had to be put down the week before Christmas. She lived out the rest of her life very comfortably, until her health started to decline in recent months. It's been a rough couple of weeks. I won't lie, her death has sent me into a deep depression. I do a lot of animal rescue now, focusing on disabled dogs. We just rescued a 7-month old blind/deaf Cocker. The result of a puppy mill. My rescue partner has decided to open her forever home to him. I've encouraged her to join the site for some support. Meet Wally (formerly known as Walter)
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    alibra @timandsharon I used to cry myself, couldn't eat, I kept asking myself am I doing the right thing keeping him alive. YES!!! It took some time for my JRT to adjust, and for us as well. But I have tried a couple of things that seem to be of help to him. I use scented oil to mark doorways, tables, chairs..this helps him use scent to avoid crashing into things. I use a radio on a very very low volume in the place where his bed is, this helps him navigate toward his "safe" place. Don't give up it takes two maybe three weeks, sometime even a month but they get it, they use their other senses and eventually it clicks. You love your pet and your pet I am certain loves you, don't forget that and plug away, you will be glad you did, I am!!!
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    Lanni I everyone. I just wanted to share an interview I did with one of Blind Dog Support's members. Check it out!
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    Luisa @neilandloren Loren OMG i am going nuts im in the same vote as you is there a way we could speak. What city do u live in pplease
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    Alexis Kostich Today is a good day! Winston slept late and snored like a chainsaw. He woke fresh and oriented, had breakfast, and is now enjoying the yard - I can hear him snorting and snuffling in the grass for fallen plums from the wild plum tree. I can't keep up with the rain of ripening plums, but try not to leave too many out. It's like an Easter egg hunt for him - hours of fun. Just got to make sure he can't get too many ... don't want upset tummy. We are finally getting a handle on navigation and routine in the new house. I've aged rapidly over the last few months, but he's doing great. 🙂
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    Shannon I am very sad to report that my sweet Sydney grew his angel wings and flew to heaven last Friday the 20th. He had cancer. Diagnosed on Thursday and died on Friday.
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    Mary Hi Everyone! Been a while since I posted. Wanted newer members to know that my Dani has progressed to a point where if you met her on the street you would never know she was blind. She navigates our home independently, uses the dog door, can use stairs to get onto the bed, jumps on and off the furniture. Never in a million years did I think six months into blindness she would be doing all this. We taught her new words, like "step up" and "step down", "careful", "slow". It's bee an amazing journey for all of us but to those of you facing this with your own pets, have hope! Was it easy? NO! Not a bit of it was easy. It was stressful, and scary, but we took it day by day and taught her these things just like a puppy. We also bought these things called Trazers for blind pets. They are scent dots that you place along pathways to entry and exits, and a different scent for obstacles.
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