• Debbie posted an update 3 years, 8 months ago

    Kodie is just laying around, sleeping we think. Without eyes we can’t tell. We are trying to get him up for a walk. He isn’t very interested. Is this normal at this point? I can’t remember having as much trouble with the first eye removal. He is on Rimadyl. Didn’t see on side effects that it would make him sleepy.

    • How is Kodie going Debbie? It’s been 2 days since you posted this. Hope he is improving.

      • Kodie has been up more the last few days. I spent the day with him yesterday and made him go for several walks. The Vet is still requiring we keep the leash on him at all times and guide him through the house. He said at this point if he bumped into something it would still bust open. He gets his staples out next Wednesday. I am so ready for that. Thanks for your concern. I will keep you posted on his progress.

        • That’s so good to hear Debbie. I’m glad he is moving around a bit more now. I know how good it felt when Lucy’s stitches came out. By that time she was already getting back to normal and I was already feeling okay with it all as well.