• Debbie posted an update 4 years, 4 months ago

    Kodie’s pressure in his remaining eye is elevated some. It was 19 last week and a month ago. Not extremely high, but since it has been higher than in the best our Vet is a little concerned. We are taking him back to the Eye Specialist on Saturday. The Vet thinks maybe he should start taking more medicine. I am very nervous. I was deep down hoping his remaining eye would hold up for the rest of his life. I will update you after our appointment Saturday.

    • Hi Debbie!, My Bella just lost the sight in her remaining eye 3 weeks ago, and I have got to tell you I would not have worried so much if I had known just how well she would cope!!!……we still go on bike rides, go to the beach, go to the dog park, in fact we do everything just the same as before she went blind, they truely are amazing, and we have to trust the fact that they are not human, deal with blindness alot differently than a human would. They just get on with life like nothing happend, they have a superior sense of smell than us, and they need very little help from us to cope. The only advice I would give you is to carry on doing his daily routine, even the moment he goes blind!..and DON’T baby him!!, let him find his way around..good luck.