Dani A

  • I have always been an animal lover, I am the mom to a mini Aussie/Newfie mix, Lily and was ready to add another baby to my family. I went to look at blue heelers when I met my newest additions to my […]

  • My baby boy has been impaired since I adopted him at 6 weeks, he went fully blind at around 5 months and it has been so challenging. I think the hardest thing for me besides him losing his eyes has been that no dogs with play with him.

    I also adopted one of his litter mates who is his best friend and seeing eye dog. Besides his brother though,…[Read more]

  • My 9 month old puppy Buddy will soon be getting his second eye removed and I completely understand how you feel. I am sad for my baby, hurt by how much I’ve invested (time and money) and with no luck, embarrassed that I am vain enough to be afraid of what he will look like after, etc. it’s a very hard place to be in. I know it’s probablu harde…[Read more]

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