• Cathy S posted an update 3 years, 8 months ago

    Probably like so many others who have just found out that their beloved dog is going blind, I am devastated. Our poodle Dillon is a rescue from an unscrupulous breeder who left him abandoned up to one year of age because of his cataracts, then sold him to me as an adult dog, without informing me. Our first vet visit revealed that Dillon would be blind without cataract surgery. So we found the best dog eye clinic in Florida and had surgery on both his eyes. That was at one year old. Dillon is now three, and we were just told that he has glaucoma in his right eye and it should be removed. He will almost surely have it next in his left eye and will be completely blind then. I have been going through bouts of sobbing, and have been unable to sleep since finding out.
    I can’t thank all of you enough for sharing your stories here. Reading just a 1/2 hour so far has helped a great deal. Your kindness to your animals and to each other in providing support is heaven-sent.
    Thank you,

    • I am so sorry Cathy. It is devastating to hear the news. I remember it well. My first instinct was that we would have to put our sweet Kodie down when he went blind. Thank heavens I found this support group and like you learned a lot from all these wonderful people. That was 3 years ago that we heard the news. I cried for weeks. Our Kodie had his first eye removed 2 years ago. His remaining eye was removed last Thursday. It is a shock to see him for the first time without eyes. I see other doggies and immediately think, “ have eyes”. But, he is doing good. His tail wags the minute I come home from work. He is thrilled to see my husband and son. He still gives us kisses and loves to cuddle. He is still the same doggie we have always loved and he knows how much we love him. You and your doggie will get through it too. Send me a message anytime you need a friend. I am here for anyone.