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    • My story is very similar to yours. Dixie seems to walk best if I’m beside her on the street side of the sidewalk. However she seems to go forward a bit then turns around after a couple of feet and then goes back the way she came then forward again then back. Never ending cycle

      • Any tips would be helpful as she’s only been blind about a month and has been hearing impaired for a year

        • Hi Liz Me again, hope you got my other post. What I also meant to say is let Dixie find her own way around, I kept trying to help Roxy in the house by guiding her, and our vet said leave her to find her own way…it was really hard, but it has paid off xx

          • Thank you so much. I’m glad Roxy has adapted so well and I’ll definitely try a more hands off approach in the house. She did a little better on our walk outside today. I think she is gaining some confidence. God Bless You Bless your Roxy ♥️

            • Lovely to hear from you Liz and also to hear that Dixie is getting a little bit more confident, keep me posted and if I can help any further l will, even if it’s just a listening ear, it’s good to talk and to know you are not on your own. Keep in touch, sending love to you and Dixie xxxx

    • Hi Liz, Our Roxy is doing marvellously. Very reluctant at first on the lead but I just hold it very gently and coax her to walk. She seems better in familiar places when walking, for example we got to the woods everyday with Roxy and Tommy our other dog, and initially she wouldn’t walk would have to be gently tugged to get her going and would keep stopping, but now hen we walk her in the woods, she is off the lead trotting on in front, veers off course occasionally but we soon put her back on track….must say Tommy is now help at all he just goes for a run! As for getting around the house, she is now in and out of the garden without guidance and up and down the stairs. We have the occasional bump, but considering she has been totally blind since the recent August bank holiday, she is doing fantastic. All I can say is persevere and have lots of patience and I am sure your little Dixie will come in just like our Roxy