• Ashley posted an update 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    Hi, my 10 year old baby Rusty was a happy, chubby little pup until about a month ago when we realized he suddenly could not see his ball in the yard when we threw it. After a trip to the vet, hoping for the best, we received the heartbreaking news that he had lost is vision completely for an unknown reason. Heartbroken, we took him to an opthamologist that diagnosed him with SARDS. My poor pup seemed to be dealing ok at first but has since become depressed, never wants to play, and sleeps and howls all day. I am always kissing him, loving him and reassuring him that I am there, but it is the most heartbreaking thing to witness as he used to play all day long and was the happiest dog. Unfortunately, due to SARDS, his scent is not as good either so he always seems confused. I don’t know how to get my baby happy again and it’s breaking my heart. Any advice? I just want my baby happy ❤️