• Abby’s right eye has been blind for 2-3 years now, and controlled by drops-no issues with pressure increases. In addition, she got preventative drops in her left ‘good’ eye. A month or so ago she had 2 situations where she went blind, but with the ’emergency’ drop plan vision came back within an hour or so. We added the same drops as her bad eye…[Read more]

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    When Abby was with one eye she did everything normal. Occasionally, she would turn towards her bad eye and brush her face (not hard by any means). When she has sight, I would really suggest laser treatment to help maintain it. I really wish I would have acted a few weeks sooner, as it doesn’t seem to be coming back this time.

    How long was her…[Read more]

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    Same issue!

  • Abby has suffered from glaucoma for about 3 years in her right eye, which has been fully blind, but pressure was easily maintained with drops. Her right eye started having high spikes a month or so ago when she had a health scare (was fine in the end). Unfortunately, when we went out of town last week, she must have gotten a bit stressed and our…[Read more]

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  • This just happened to us too. We went out of town for a week, and while she was doing well on drops for 3-4 years in her left eye-they think the stress of us being gone increased her blood pressure and spiked her left eye. The paperwork says as pressure is fine and she was already in drops in that eye it could take up to 2 weeks to come back…but…[Read more]

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