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    Paula - ADMIN NEWS!!: A device has just been released for blind dogs to help them better navigate. Here's a bit of info I took from the site: "The BlindSight® unit is a specialized "Sonar" type transmitter that produces a sound that may be used by a dog to navigate in much the same way as a dolphin or bat. The sound produced by the BlindSight® unit is well outside of the human hearing range. There is no annoying audible "click" or "ping". In tests the units remained on 24 hours a day with no apparent problems with a dog's sleep or relaxation. BlindSight® uses inexpensive, commonly available disposable batteries for a normal battery life of up to 1.5 years (up to 3.5 years with premium lithium batteries, in indoor mode). The latest BlindSight® uses a completely sealed transducer, is designed for a 10+ year service life and is "patent pending". Spares for parts that might easily be lost are included. Obviously no concessions were made to "looks", but simple functionality and extreme ruggedness define the basic design."
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    joan I have a 14year old shih Tzu who is blind and mostly deaf. He has adjusted well but he refuses to go down the stairs and I can't carry him because I am afraid of falling. Can anyone . recommend a harness or sling I could use? I have not seen any that seem appropriate on the internet.
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    William Hi, I'm new here, but about a month ago my 13 year old Jack Russell had a stroke, she just got her legs coordinated, able to go up and downstairs, she even chases toy mouse on a stick. About 10 days ago, she had a vacant look in her eyes, we tried calling her, she just looked all over the place. We knew she was blind, we have experience with blind dogs (we found a black lab puppy who was blind). Problem is Coco is older, and is having a much harder time dealing with being blind, although the sweet dog still chases her little mouth, only by hearing it squeal. Is there anything I can do to make this transition easier for Coco as well as for us?
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    Ashley Hi, my 10 year old baby Rusty was a happy, chubby little pup until about a month ago when we realized he suddenly could not see his ball in the yard when we threw it. After a trip to the vet, hoping for the best, we received the heartbreaking news that he had lost is vision completely for an unknown reason. Heartbroken, we took him to an opthamologist that diagnosed him with SARDS. My poor pup seemed to be dealing ok at first but has since become depressed, never wants to play, and sleeps and howls all day. I am always kissing him, loving him and reassuring him that I am there, but it is the most heartbreaking thing to witness as he used to play all day long and was the happiest dog. Unfortunately, due to SARDS, his scent is not as good either so he always seems confused. I don't know how to get my baby happy again and it's breaking my heart. Any advice? I just want my baby happy ❤️
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    Shelly Willis Hi my name is Shelly and my little man Jake is 13wks old and has always been blind. He is fearless and always happy. He has figured out how to climb the stairs but of course he cant get down the stairs. I could use some ideas on training Jake to get down the stairs.
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    GILL Hi my dog lolly lost her sight 4 weeks ago I am devastated to say the least. She has been to the specialist and we are waiting for her to have a ultrasound done on both her eyes to see if she could have surgery. We have to think carefully about this as she has pancreatitis which could flare up due to the Anesthesia and kill her. I know it’s early days but she just looks so sad and confused as much as I am trying my best to teach her 😢
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    Richard Picked up my gorgeous 5 year old Yellow Lab, Boris, from the vets today after he had his second eye removed due to severe Glaucoma. We all tried so hard to keep the pressure under control but it kept spiking. I am still hurting as I write this. He is snoring on the sofa next to me, without a care. In time I will add more and this is day 1.
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