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    Tanya Dutton


    I am a happy fur mom of an otherwise healthy 12 year old West Highland White Terrier named Jake. We were noticing vision issues last summer and the cataracts are now fully formed right eye, partial firmed left eye. We think he can see some movement in shadows but not much else. We were thinking of cataract surgery but really struggling with the decision because 1) the eye specialist who would do the surgery is 3 hours away and Jake us a terrible car dog, and we would have to have a minimum of 3 visits (pre op assessment, procedure, post op check up), best case scenario with no complications, 2) he’s 12 and putting him under anesthetic has its risks 3) we aren’t sure the blindness bothers him as much as it concerns us so who are we treating with this procedure? 4) there are financial costs that are significant but if 1, 2 and 3 weren’t in play, it wouldn’t stop us from doing it.

    Generally Jake has slowed down with his mobility, we take him on shorter walks, he does sleep more and wants to spend more snuggle time with me (he is not a snuggle dog but is more like an aloof cat). We built a ramp for the stairs in the backyard from the deck, he goes down them great, and refuses to go up the ramp! So with some coaxing and treats he will go up stairs but slowly. Walks are off leash and generally not in crowded areas – the more the people and dogs, the more stressed he seems. He still meets people and dogs but really can’t play with them (will this change over time?) which is too bad.

    When you call his name his head often goes looking in the wrong direction which makes him even cuter but slightly more pathetic. I would like him to use his nose more, we throw treats on the floor for him to sniff out and he seems to miss a number of them without verbal coaxing. Not sure why that is as I would have thought his sniffer would have gotten better with the blindness.

    Anyhow, I am glad to have found this site and will take advice if you have any!

    Thanks for listening
    Tanya Dutton
    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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