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    My pugs eye popped out (both missing, weak eyesockets, 10 yrs old)
    My question is do you still walk your dogs after?
    Also toilet habbits? He’s gone for one wee in two days, no poo, vets on Wed.

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    I have a pug who suddenly went blind over 4 years ago. Yes, of course we still go on walks. You have to hold the leash close to your body, so she doesn’t get too far ahead of you and that you have control to guide her away from obstacles. Even though my dog cannot see, she enjoys getting outside and sniffing around.

    I would encourage you to take your dog to the vet immediately about the toilet question. It is NOT normal for a dog not to pee or poop for days.
    I do hope that he or she does not have some other kind of medical problem.

    It does take time for a dog (and you) to adjust to the blindness, but I assure you your dog will adapt to blindness and still be able to enjoy many things as he did before the darkness set in.

    Good Luck I hope everything works out for you!

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    Paula – ADMIN

    When my blind dog was still alive she would take me for a walk. She was completely blind but would drag me up the street. So yes, you can still take your dog for a walk.

    And I agree with Plink, you need to get your dog to the vet asap. Pooping can sometimes stop for a bit, but if he is not peeing that is definitely another story and needs quick attention by a vet.

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