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      We have a Boston terrier with Cushing disease. As his cataract has now moved to both eyes he is having a horrible time drinking water. I have a bowl slightly elevated and he just stands over it for several minutes trying to twist his head around and get to,the water. But most of the time just gets frustrating cause he can’t reach the water. I keep it filled to,the brim. He eats his food fine from a bowl on the floor. I do mix homemade chicken broth with water and add to his food. But he loves his water and I know he needs it. Has anybody found a remedy for this

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      Cindy, I have a blind cockapoo, Bear. He is a rescue and I’ve had him for a year now. He didn’t have trouble with water, but, he did with kibble. I have to put it on a plate…just wondering if a shallow container (pie pan) might help?

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      Thank you so much Carole. Will try that. I have found that giving him his food on a plate works really well.

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