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    My Dog was Diagnosed with SARDS last week of DEC, 2017. Looking back he was losing his sight easily a month or two before. Well when he had his sight he was a easy dog to get to obey and learn. He on his own learned most things by sitting back observing and deducing what was wanted and we learned from his cues as well a great give and take. As a example as a rescue of 3 yrs of age when we got him, to go for a walk the first days & weeks , our other dog would go right to the front door and get his collar and leash put on, Mers would sit back at edge of wood floor + carpet about 6 feet away and watch, when then when we picked his collar + leash off the wall he came forward and sat.
    So now he is blind and cant learn the way he used to. Trying to teach him Left, Right Straight, Step and Bump as new words for his safety – Bump is used right before he is about to “BUMP” into a corner, chair leg, wall etc. I am limited to how much I can use food / treats as a motivator – cause really never used treats to train, never needed to with him it was love and hugs and kisses he wanted- that doesnt work as well now. Also now with a treat he gets HYPER not aggressive but hyper where is it where is it, he smells it and doesnt focus on hearing commands. So suggestions would be deeply appreciated

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