Sudden total blindness?

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    Our dog Pixie is about 12, a Bospin (Boston terrier/Miniature Pinscher) and has been diabetic for about 2 years. She has had increasing episodes of sudden drops in glucose levels and experiences confusion and distress until we can get her sugar back to normal. This last episode is different and has lasted for a few hours even though her sugar is back in the safe zone. Her sight has been going for the same amount of time with the usual issues arising, but we have been dealing with it pretty well. This time, she seems to not be able to see at all and has been falling asleep (snoring) then suddenly waking and scrambling and whining to get up. We have her on the bed with a towel and she settles on top of me after a bit and goes back to sleep or just settles. She is not making eye contact at all and seems to be lost. I am actually hoping this is just a sign that her vision has gone completely as we can deal with that. Her vet is in an emergency and usually tells us “older dogs have spells like that” when we call for a non emergency. I guess I’m just looking for experienced advice

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