Sudden Blindness

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    Hello, I am very new to social media and blog sites…but I am so heartbroken I need some advice and guidance.
    My 1 1/2 yr old rescue dog Ted (I’ve had him since May) had a 3 day history of illness that resulted in total blindness within 3 days. They think, now, that it was meningitis or some autoimmune condition. He had malaise, a fever, body aches to the point he would cry when touched and squeal in his sleep. I went to 4 vets in 5 days. He is now on high-dose prednisone along with eye drops every 4 hours ATC and antibiotics. If anything his eye site has deteriorated to total blindness. All blood cultures came up negative for all bacteria, fungal infections etc…All I do is cry. He lived to run and play with other dogs in the park. He gets around the house with no problem (amazingly) but needs constant commands when outside. Will he ever run again and play with other dogs? He doesn’t follow me around the house anymore. He just goes to his crate or hides in corners of the house. I feel like my dog has died and now I have a dog I take care of who doesn’t have any happiness. Is there anyone who can offer some good advice?

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    First, take a big breath of relief:)
    Everything is going to be just fine. My boy lost both eyes this summer after 3 months of trying to save 1 eye. He is 11 years old. A scratch in one eye led up to losing both.
    I was just like you. I was devasted and heartbroken for him. Then after a while, I realized he was feeding off of my sad energy. I changed my tune. I encouraged him, was joyful, didn’t treat him any different than before. That changed everything. See, our dogs feel what we feel. When we’re sad, they comfort us. When we’re sick, they stay by our side, etc.
    Sure, they lost their sight, but take a moment and “see” your dog. They aren’t any different than they were before. This took me about month to realize. Tucker still is sassy, steals his brother’s Greenies, sneaks cat food and is TOTALLY the same dog, just no sight. Your dogs senses will kick in. Tucker can smell like nobody’s business and his hearing is almost bionic:)
    Dogs react differently to this than we do. I really believe your dog is reacting to you and your worry.
    Change your energy and make learning new things fun. Tucker had to learn stop so he won’t run into something, up and down. Dogs are incredibly smart. It took about 2 months and things are great.
    He goes to the dog park, runs in the open but I take him on his leash on the trails. He actually likes the leash on the trails. He feels more secure. You are his seeing eye person. Your pup will trust you the more and more you work together. Tucker smiles everyday since I changed my energy and became happy along with him.
    When you walk down the hall, call him to come with you. Use treats if you need to.
    I promise you, your dog will change to a more secure and happy pup once “you’re” ok with him losing his eyes. I speak from complete experience. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do what you did before. We do everything we used to do, only modified in certain areas.
    I wish you the best of luck and hang in there! When you start to feel bad for him, change that thought quickly. Took me a while to identify those thoughts, but it works!
    Merry Christmas to you and your pooch!

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    One more thing. If he is in pain and has no sight, take the eyes out. My boy was so happy to get the eyes out. No more pain, drops, ointments, etc? Don’t feel bad about it either. My boy is the absolute cutest no eyed dog I have ever seen!!
    He was so happy to have the pain gone.

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      Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I know you are right about the energy. Plus, I have the handicap of “no patience”. He is on high dose steroids now and I read that will make him tired. I don’t think he is in any pain. His pain was body pain. I will take your advice and put the tears away as much as possible. I was thinking today about starting our old routine and going to the park with his friends. I just wasn’t sure if it was cruel since he can’t run. But in reading your response, perhaps he will adjust to his new role at the park.
      Thank you again and happy holidays!

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