Sudden Bilateral Blindness

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    Happy to have found you all. Sad for my poor 5 year old dog, Stingray. Sting is a large Rhodesian Ridgeback. His favorite thing to do is run with me each morning. Two weeks ago we noticed that his lower lids were saggy and he was smacking his lips a lot. We took him to the vet, and he couldn’t find anything wrong with him. His eye pressures were normal as well. Then, just 5 days after his lids started sagging and 2 days after seeing the vet, we went out for 4 hours and returned home to a very scared, shaking dog who clearly couldn’t see anything at all. He was on our son’s bed and we had a tough time getting him off. He weighs 110 pounds, so this was tough. He was clearly in a lot of pain and very distressed. We rushed him to the emergency vet in town and they took hours to do anything. Finally they gave him mannatol after speaking to another vet out of town, then referred us to that vet (1.5 hours away). My husband and I were up all night. His pressures were up to 60 in both eyes.

    We took him to UC Davis soon after that awful night. They think this is a secondary glaucoma because it happened suddenly in both eyes. They say it is unlikely it is primary. This means that something else is likely very wrong, but they can’t find anything else wrong with him. His labs are normal and he seems pretty healthy otherwise.

    This has been a real struggle. I am amazed at how quickly Stingray has adjusted, but also amazed at how much his personality is different. He is extremely mellow now, and still walks (not runs) with me each morning. He has lost 6 pounds in a week but he is eating and drinking. The drops were 5 different drops 6 times a day (super tough to do) but now just 2 different drops 4 times a day.

    Wondering if this has happened to other dogs without a primary disease causing it, and also wondering what the chances are he can keep his eyes. Sometimes it seems like he can see some shadows or light. Other times not so much.

    Thank you all for your help and support.
    Julie & Jory
    Stingray too

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    My 4 year old just went blind last night. He has gluacoma in his right eye which we thought was secondary to cataract surgery. We had ciliary ablation and it worked in his right eye. This allows them to keep their eye but does blind it. Last night Kota was so scared and bumping into everything and in so much pain. The left eye went now. We too we’re in the emergency vet all night. This has been very traumatizing for us all. How is your dog? Any tips?

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