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    Hi there,

    My dog Lucky recently went blind, diagnosis of SARDS. We have been adjusting by learning new commands (e.g., step up/stepdown), repetitive walking routine around the house and using Muffins Halo as well to allow him to gain some confidence independently. His internal clock for waking up has seemed to be thrown off. He will get up anywhere from 3am to 5am and roam around the bedroom. I will usher him back to bed and he will settle, but he will continue to get up sporadically until we are up for the day which is usually 6/630am. Knowing his past habits, he would stir around 6/630am and then again around 4pm which is when he eats. Does anyone have an recommendations for adjusting sleep patterns?

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    Hopefully you’ll get some answers because my Buddy is just now starting to do that, waking up and I have to take him outside and he does go outside and P and then come back again. Early in the morning 3 or 4 o’clock then take back upstairs
    And goes to sleep

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