Removal of 2nd Eye

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    Hi everyone,
    So my 9 year old yorkipoo, Miley, had a terrible accident with a baby-gate resulting in the removal of her Left eye in Feb 2017. It was her “good eye”…her other eye has a cataract that we couldn’t operate on in time (mainly due to incompetence of her 1st eye Dr. who has since retired), but we won’t get into that. But we’ve been seeing the new eye Dr regularly for years now & things have been going well considering. Just 1 NSAID eye drop daily as maintenance.
    So, in the last 2 months she developed an ulcer in her remaining eye. We brought her to the specialist, they did this gross scraping thing (i dont remember the term sorry) & put a contact on plus antibiotics for a month. We had a recheck & we thought we were in the clear.
    But last week I noticed she wasn’t opening her eye & it seemed painful. I called her regular Vet & they saw her right away. She went back on more antibiotics & pain meds. Today was her re-check. Her eye has looked kind of “bulgey” & honestly not healing that great :(. Our vet was concerned & checked her pressure, which was high…which apparently means glaucoma. She’s staying on antibiotics & starting glaucoma eye drops. However, she’s more than likely going to have to have it taken out. I’m totally devastated. She had just gotten back to her old self and now THIS happens. I’ve been reading about implants & prosthetics but (from what I’ve read) she’s not a good candidate for a prosthesis, where it would look like she still has an eye. We’re going to do what’s best for her obviously, but I’m really struggling with the idea of her not having ANY eyes.
    This is where I’m going to sound like a selfish jerk :/, but thinking about not being able to look her in the eye anymore is absolutely killing me. Eyes are the widows to the soul.. that’s something I’ve always believed. I’m afraid I won’t be able to connect with my pup anymore. I’m just looking for some support or shared experiences or if anyone ever felt the same way & how you got passed it…please be kind and hold off on the judgements. I love her more than anything in the world. I’ve basically gone broke trying to help her, I’d do anything for her. Thanks

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    My dog just had his second eye removedSt week Thursday. I understand what you mean completely about not being able to “see” your dog anymore without their eyes. It’s not even been a week so I have no happily even after story, but I get your feelings. You aren’t alone. I do feel like my dog is still there though. At night when we snuggles close, or puts his hand on my leg when we are on the couch I know he’s still in there. And he’s showing me himself in different ways.

    It’s hard. I hope your dogs eye can have a miracle and heal.

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    Thank you for your kind words, it’s nice to not feel totally alone. I wish your pup a speedy recovery! Unfortunately, as of her checkup today, it was decided that her eye can’t be saved :(. She’s in too much pain that isn’t going to go away. Surgery’s Friday 🙁

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    Dani A

    My 9 month old puppy Buddy will soon be getting his second eye removed and I completely understand how you feel. I am sad for my baby, hurt by how much I’ve invested (time and money) and with no luck, embarrassed that I am vain enough to be afraid of what he will look like after, etc. it’s a very hard place to be in. I know it’s probablu harder in older dogs, considering my puppy has never had good vision.
    My thoughts are with you.

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