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    Hi, I have a 10 year old Aussie that has been blind for 2 years. He has a wonderful story that I will share with you soon.
    Lately he has been having anxiety attacks and I want to give him something safe to calm him down. These attacks last about 2 hours, He will pant and pace the room and constantly run into me and jump on me with his front paws. He will eat but not drink. Zeke doesn’t loose his bearings and will obey most commands. It seems like he is on speed. This happens twice a day but only one day a week.
    My Vet has been informed and wants to sell us expensive pills. Is there a mild over the counter alternative med I can try?
    Thanks in advance, Denny

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    Hello, Dennis. I am wondering if the following might help Zeke:

    Bach Animals

    Additionally, lavender oil (as aromatherapy in a diffuser) has very calming effects on our pets too. I would be careful about applying essential oils on Zeke, because they could be toxic. The same goes for classical music (I am serious…I read this). So if you have a diffuser, try lavender oil. I hope that helps.


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    More information, Dennis, that could help:

    Understanding, Preventing, and Treating Dog Anxiety

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