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    Hi there!

    My 9-year old pug Pooka was diagnosed with SARDS five weeks ago. At that time, it felt like she was being given the death sentence. Boy, was I 100% wrong! Since then, we have adjusted well with her blindness through mapping the house, baby gates to block off entrances, carpet treads for the stairs, consistency with our training and most importantly, lots of love, patience and compassion! I am happy to share that even without her vision, we go for our walks, she still jumps on/off the sofa, , jumps on the bed , climbs four flights of stairs at work and is a happy pug. She plays with her toys and still goes for one of her favorite toys when I come home. Oh, did I mention that at lunch time in the office she will go to everyone’s desk to check-out or beg for food.

    The blindness was harder for me than it was for Pooka! For those who are going through the adjustment – hang-in there. It’s an exercise in patience and love to our four-legged babies who in turn, give us unconditional love and joy!


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    Thank you, Hope — I needed to see this today. My little guy is a pug, around 10 years old — not sure as he was a rescue but has been with me for 8+ years. Just returned home today from the specialist who explained SARDS and these last 5 days have been a whirlwind of emotions. I know my sadness won’t last forever & he will amaze me with his resilience. He is such a little piggy, my biggest fear is that his other senses will become so heightened, he will hear every sound in the kitchen and smell every tasty morsel like never before … he is already a world-class beggar of food!

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