Primary Glaucoma -time between 1st and 2nd enucleation

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    Zoey, my 5 year cocker spaniel, had enucleation surgery on her right eye 6 weeks ago and wondering the average time before her left eye will need the surgery. Managing her pressure thru an ophthalmologist with corrupt right now. Have discussed the laser surgery to potentially save her left eye when the time comes but I’m not convinced I’d put her thru that. Just hoping others could share how long it was before their dog lost their 2nd eye.

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    Susan Drake

    I am in the same situation with my 11 year old Chow, Toshi, who had her right eye removed in October. My vet said 40% of dogs lose their second eye within a year. Who knows what that statistic really means for our sweet pups?! I have to be careful not to obsess over her remaining eye. Any updates on Zoey?

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