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    Maria Jones

    Whilst out on our walk this night through the lanes we tend to chanced on a woman and her dog who was muzzled, however he was off the lead.

    Jones was on lead and as we tend to approached the woman she hooked her finger in her dog’s collar and place him on the lead. Because the lane is admittedly quiet and not a lot of traffic we tend to asked the girl whether or not she would love to permit her dog to fulfill Jones.

    She explained that her dog was terribly reactive with dogs once being attacked as a teen – he was currently six. She conjointly aforesaid that she was attempting to get as much positive experiences with different dogs as she might. However, thanks to her being accountable and muzzling her dog – folks simply move into the alternative direction.

    In actual truth the dog sniffed concerning Jones and did not ‘react’ in an overtly aggressive manner however he did ‘butt’ Jones’s neck a handful of times – however there was no sound / growling etc. His owner corrected him and that we did simply all stand along having a talk for concerning ten minutes at that purpose his owner aforesaid there was no manner she might have even done that six months past.

    I puzzled whether or not anyone has any further advice/training tips etc you’ll provide us incase we tend to come across her once more. Did we tend to do right by belongings them meet ? In my ‘Joe Public’ dog owning experience should there be something I ought to or should not do with Jones once meeting a dog like this?

    I simply felt for the girl who aforesaid that she felt positive that if her dog did not have his muzzle on it he might seriously injure. She was clearly being responsible but how on earth to overcome a problem like that if no-one can help?

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