Open wound after eye removal

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    My sweet Zoey had her eye removed 6 weeks ago due to sudden onset glaucoma. She had her sutures removed a month ago and ever since she’s had scabbing/ crusting over the scar. I took her to her vet twice and they said it was nothing. I took her to an ophthalmologist yesterday to discuss her other eye, as she will lose that one eventually as well (she’s a cocker spaniel with primary glaucoma). The ophthalmologist said she had a hole/ open wound in her suture line, probably a gland left from the surgery. She’s on antibiotics and a ointment several times a day now. Wondering if anyone else has gone thru this. Have a follow up in 2 weeks with ophthalmologist who said that it’s possible she my need a 2nd surgery.
    Thanks in advance

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