Ocu-Glo helpful for eye heath?

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      Hi, somewhere I saw that Ocuglo was a good supplement for dogs with PRA, and ordered some. But since my dog was completely blind from PRA when I adopted him a year ago, I am wondering if this can help with his eye health, since it obviously can not improve his “vision”.

      also, any tips on getting blind dog into the car? I think some of George’s issue is anxiety, afraid that, we too are going to give him up, but also he doesn’t seem to understand how to step up and then get his back legs in even though he can step up onto curbs. We did just sit in the car for an hour last weekend with turkey and he finally got in, but not sure we can repeat!

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      Hello, Holly. I can comment on OcuGlo. I happen to know one of the individuals who formulated OcuGlo, Dr. Carmen Colitz. OcuGlo is a cocktail of antioxidants, so it will certainly help your dog as any antioxidant would. However, I have to agree with you that it will not restore vision. I know that there are pills (which Lola had a hard time swallowing) and capsules that you simply sprinkle on the food. If you have access to the later, please get them in that form.


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