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    The past Monday, our 3.5 year old basset hound mix started bumping into things. We brought her to the vet and they told us she was completely blind in both eyes. Today (11-2-18), we are taking her into the vet to have her left eye removed due to extremely high pressure in that eye as a result of glaucoma. Her left eye is causing her an extreme amount of pain. Her right eye appears to not be causing pain and has normal pressure for now.

    It started last Friday evening when my wife and I noticed she wouldn’t open her left eye. We brought her to the vet the next morning thinking her eye might’ve been scratched by our new puppy while they were playing. The vet did staining and didn’t see any scratches, but sent us home with eye ointment and pain meds. She seemed to be recovering good Saturday and Sunday, but Monday morning she started bumping into things. We brought her back to the vet where they told us the news we last expected. She was blind in both eyes. After further tests, the left eye had Glaucoma. Still unsure about the right eye. After much deliberation, we decided yesterday the best option for us and her was to have the left eye removed so she would no longer be in pain.

    It has been an extremely long week, but we are excited to get our baby back. There will definitely be new challenges ahead adjusting to life with a blind dog, but we look forward to continuing to give her the best life possible.

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    Paula – ADMIN

    It’s often the same story when it comes to diagnosing glaucoma. The vet will think it is conjunctivitis or something similar and proscribe an ointment. By the time it is diagnosed properly, the damage has been done. I went through the same scenario with my dog.

    So I assume you have her back home now? How is she going?

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    Thank you! After I dropped her off at the vet, they called me prior to surgery saying they weren’t sure if it was necessary as she seemed to be doing much better and didn’t appear to be in any pain. They said they’d proceed with it if we wanted to, but we decided to hold off and have her pressure check again in her left eye. They did the pressure test and it was at 40, down from 76, which was amazing! They monitored her the entire day (she was not on pain meds at this point) and said she was doing great! We picked her up Friday evening and she seemed to be close to her old self. She even was playing with our puppy for a little bit.

    We went to the park on Saturday and she was running around and went to her favorite pet store which she really enjoyed. They couldn’t even tell she was blind and were shocked when we told them.

    Sunday was a great day too, but Monday and Tuesday were a little tougher. She appears to be in a little pain but not as much as before.

    She also has Addison’s disease (diagnosed 2 years ago) and that appears to be acting up. She’s been shaking a lot more than usual so we’re not sure if it’s because of the medicines or stress from going blind.

    The vet recommended that we take her to an ophthalmologist a few hours away, but unfortunately we can’t afford it at the moment and we’re not entirely sure what it would reveal beyond the fact that she is blind.

    We’re bringing her back to the vet tomorrow to check her blood levels and monitor her Addison’s as well as have her eyes looked at again.

    We’re hoping that we can get everything in check and she’ll be back to 100% soon.

    The blindness doesn’t really seem to be an issue for her which is amazing to see! She gets around our house and yard almost perfectly!

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