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    Maria Jones

    Hello all !!

    My name is Maria. I am new to the blind dog support forums. I have 2 new dogs. Annie is Blue Tick Coon we rescued from the local shelter in June of this year. Browni is a pup he will be 10 weeks this Wednesday a German Short hair Pointer. Thanks for letting me join your forum.


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    Hello to everyone, my 17 year old Maltese/poodle, Eddie has been my loyal friend since the day I brought him home. He has had a cataract in his left eye the vet told me not to worry and that his good eye would do the work of two. Well two weeks ago he went totally blind, I was shattered, a real mess but remembered that I had seen a product on line that might help us. I found it and it’s called Bright Eyes by Ethos. There are several brands but I purchased “Bright Eyes”. Originally it was designed for humans with excellent reviews. The Pet version is just as effective I’ve been applying it every couple of hours and his vision has improved.
    They say that it takes about 6 months for complete return of his vision. I’ll wait until then to give a complete assessment.
    This isn’t an advertisement I’m just overjoyed that we have a bit of hope. If it doesn’t work you’ll certainly hear from me.

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