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    Hi All,

    I found out on Saturday my 10 year old shih tzu has glaucoma and dry eye in both eyes and an ulcer in one. Her vet recommended removing both eyes and at first I found this appalling, totally inhumane and really just incredibly extreme being that I just found out what her diagnosis was. I thought there must be another way to go about this. After finding this blog, I understand now this is the only and more importantly best way to handle this. However, I am still having such a hard time wrapping my head around it all. I have her surgery set up for Thursday morning but I am very tempted to cancel it. This is all happening so fast. The vet keeps saying she is in a tremendous amount of pain but from what I can see, while her eyes do not look good at all, she is still her normal self. Her tail is wagging, she greets me at the door and I even took her to the park yesterday and she was so happy. I can tell her vision is going because recently she stopped going up the stairs in the house and she occasionally bumps into things. She also has trouble finding treats when I place them in front of her. So while she is not 100% blind, its definitely getting there. My biggest fear is that after the surgery when she wakes up she is going to panic because she can’t see. She is already such an anxious, nervous, timid dog that the smallest things get her worked up. Like the sound a cell phone makes when it receives a text message sends her into a nervous fit where she shakes uncontrollably. Its not just fireworks or thunderstorms, its little things like that she has a hard time with. She also cant stand being picked up or touched by strangers who approach her fast, her first instinct is to nip which shes just never outgrown. I have read so many amazing stories about the hundreds of people on this blog who have gone through with this surgery and it gives me so much hope, but I just cant shake this feeling that i’m rushing into this and she is going to come out of surgery a much more nervous dog (and even a depressed dog) than she was before. I’d love to hear from someone who had a nervous/anxious dog pre surgery and how the adapted after.
    Thank you all so much. I’ve really found a lot of comfort from this site.

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    Paula – ADMIN

    Have you thought about getting a second opinion? It might alleviate you fears.

    She would be in pain, I know that much, even if your dog doesn’t show it. But even so a second opinion may help as some vets may at least try to control it for a bit and then you may be more ready to go ahead with the surgery. At some point though, the eyes will have to go as you’ve probably already figured.

    This is tough. I know it all too well and at least I had some time to warm up to the idea before my dogs first eye had to come out. For you though it is happening so fast and I feel what you are going through. I would try for a second opinion if you can.

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      Hi Paula,
      Thanks for reaching out so fast. I am actually going to get a second opinion today at a vet ophthalmologist. My dogs primary vet recommended this as well after seeing how nervous my family and I were over the surgery, but she said she would still keep the surgery on the books for Thursday morning. After reading so many stories on here, I really just want her to be comfortable and in as little pain as possible, which seems like everyones main priority with going through with the surgery. Hopefully I get more reassurance at the appointment today.

      Thank you so much for responding and for keeping this blog running. It is so comforting reading everyones stories and just knowing I’m not alone. Lucy seemed like an incredible dog and was very lucky to have you by her side.

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