My Shiba, Abby

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    Abby has suffered from glaucoma for about 3 years in her right eye, which has been fully blind, but pressure was easily maintained with drops. Her right eye started having high spikes a month or so ago when she had a health scare (was fine in the end). Unfortunately, when we went out of town last week, she must have gotten a bit stressed and our sitter noticed when she woke up she was acting blind and scared to jump down. They did the emergency drop procedure as listed by our eye doctor and took her into the emergency vet. Her pressure quickly normalized, and although they say it could take 2 weeks to come back…it isn’t looking good.

    I’m not quite sure what to do. She is already older and sleeps a lot, but I don’t want her to be fearful or depressed. I’m trying to do small things to perk her up, like make a little treat trail from her bed to the living room (she seems to know her way around here). Oddly, she is fine with her doggy door, but seems to think 2 steps off the deck is jumping off a cliff. 🙁

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