my pug is 7 years old she cataracts and diabetic

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    there is a surgery that can be done but she could still go blind due to the diabetic problem or because of her age it could come back in 2 or 3 years. does anyone have any thing like this with their dog and what did you do or would you do the surgery

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    Katie is blind due to cataracts in both eyes. My vet says the surgery to remove the cataracts is very expensive and isn’t usually
    successful. A lot of times the dog will develop glaucoma after the surgery and end up having the eye removed. He strongly advises
    against the surgery.

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    we actually got eye drops called can-c they are for humans or animals. i have some friends who have cataracts and its helped them i have had my pug on them for 3 weeks now and they are starting to work. shes happy again and she can see some light out of the bad eye and the other eye thats 4% bad is now 3% bad.

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